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2nd Anniversary Win: Architecture Firm of The Year 2023/24

Global Awards 2023/24 Architect of The Year - Winner


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We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 on 30/11/2023, the day that marked our second anniversary! It has been a journey of growth, expertise, and success for us at the firm. Winning over 800 projects in just two years is a testament to our expertise, and turning over our first million has been an achievement we are proud of. In this blog post, we will take you through our success journey, how we achieved our goals, and what’s next for us.

Our customer-centric approach has helped us secure 131 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5*. We have built a strong team of 25 staff from zero and secured more than 230 planning approvals with our strategic approach. We believe in committing ourselves to excellence and innovation while being climate-conscious. We also want to highlight our contribution to the environment by planting 4535 trees.

This win impacts not only us at the firm, but also our clients as it motivates us to continue providing high-quality work without becoming complacent. Choosing us means choosing a firm dedicated to its clients while providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Join us as we continue on our path of excellence and innovation towards creating sustainable architecture for a better tomorrow alongside our cohort of talented architects and town planners.

How Planning By Design Won Architecture Firm of The Year 2023/24

Celebrating Our Milestones

Reflecting on our journey to achieving Architecture Firm of the Year 2023, we acknowledge the dedication and passion driving us. This recognition marks the success of our vision, expertise, and commitment. Grateful to our integral clients and partners.

Our Second Anniversary: A Journey of Growth and Success

Commemorating our second anniversary, a pivotal moment in our remarkable growth, innovation, and impact. Reflecting on the transformative journey, from humble beginnings to the prestigious title of 2023’s Architecture Firm of the Year.

Winning Over 800 Projects: A Testament to Our Expertise

Demonstrating our unparalleled expertise, versatility, and trust through 800+ successful projects, each showcasing innovative design and client satisfaction. Our enduring relationships and transformative outcomes underscore our industry leadership.

Our Steady Financial Growth: Turning Over Our First Million

Celebrating our pivotal achievement of reaching the first million turnover, we showcase remarkable financial growth, prudent fiscal management, and enduring value for clients. The extraordinary journey inspires confidence and trust.

Planning By Design Path To Success, Winning Architecture Firm of The Year 2023/24

How We Achieved Our Goals

Unveiling strategic milestones, relentless efforts, and collective spirit propelled us towards unprecedented success. Emphasizing cohesive teamwork, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to achieving ambitious goals.

Building a Strong Team: From Zero to 25 Staff

From humble beginnings to a cohesive 25-member team, our journey reflects inclusive culture, mentorship, and shared vision that defines our firm’s success. Celebrating the collective expertise and profound impact of our dynamic workforce. Every member of our team including architects, town planners, customer service, admin and operations plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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Securing 230+ Planning Approvals: Our Strategic Approach

Illustrating our transformative outcomes, community-centric solutions, and the enduring value of our strategic planning endeavours. Emphasising trust, assurance of meticulous compliance, sustainability, and ethical fabric of our architectural planning. Our chartered architects and chartered town planners work together on every planning application. This ensures the design meets all the required planning policies and gives every application the strongest chance of success.

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Our Customer-Centric Approach: 131 Reviews with an Average Rating of 4.5/5*

Earning an average rating of 4.5/5*, we embody a customer-centric ethos, delivering enduring value and exceptional client satisfaction. Authentic testimonials define our meaningful partnerships, inspiring trust and loyalty.

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Planning By Design Plants 4535 Trees in Partnership With Treeapp to Fight Climate ChangeWe support tree planting with Treeapp

Our Contribution to the Environment

Highlighting our firm’s profound dedication to environmental stewardship by planting 4535 trees, emphasising sustainability, and advocating for ecosystem restoration, biodiversity preservation, and environmental conservation through our architectural pursuits.

Planting 4535 Trees: Our Contribution to Fight Climate Change

Recognising the need to fight climate change, we planted 4535 trees via Treeapp on behalf of our clients. Since April 2023 we have planted 10 trees for every client that instructs us which is funded entirely from our profit so that clients don’t foot the bill. We aim to offset our clients’ climate impact and contribute to a healthier planet for everyone. Of course, our cleints are welcome and encouraged to fund more planted trees via Treeapp directly.

View the Treeapp Widget on our homepage to see the live number of trees planted to date.

If you would like to contribute, you can plant 1 tree per day for free or fund the planting of more trees with Treeapp.

The Moment of Pride: Winning the Architecture Firm of The Year 2023

The Moment of Pride: Winning the Architecture Firm of The Year 2023

Winning the award is proof of our commitment to quality and innovation, motivating us to push boundaries and reaffirming the impact of our portfolio. It’s a proud moment to celebrate significant achievements.

The Recognition: What Does it Mean for Us

Winning the Architecture Firm of The Year award enhances our industry reputation, acknowledging our sustainability focus and inspiring further innovation. It reflects dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, highlighting the value of our design principles in addition to our expertise in planning permission.

The Criteria for the Award: Excellence, Innovation, Reputation, Portfolio and Climate Consciousness

Excelling in architectural design, planning permission and execution, we prioritise innovation for unique and sustainable projects. Our consistent high-quality work has built a strong reputation. Our diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, and public spaces, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Moreover, sustainability and environmental consciousness are integral to our business.

Planning By Design Future Plans: Continuing the Success Journey

What’s Next for Us?

In the coming months, we are eagerly anticipating a range of exciting projects that will continue to showcase our innovative design solutions. Our future plans involve expanding our design capabilities and venturing into new realms of creativity with our team of architects and interior designers. As we move forward, our goal is to set new standards in architectural design. This prestigious award has further fueled our passion for creating meaningful, sustainable, and visually stunning spaces. Rest assured, our team is steadfast in embracing new challenges and delivering exceptional design outcomes.

Pending Projects: What We are Looking Forward to

Embodying dedication to sustainability, our pending projects offer opportunities to showcase design versatility and problem-solving abilities, redefining architectural excellence and reflecting an unwavering commitment to realising clients’ vision through inspired design. With 700+ planning applications pending a decision and new projects coming in daily, we look forward to showcasing many more architect drawings and planning approvals in our portfolio.

Our Future Plans: Continuing the Success Journey

Continuing our success journey involves expanding design capabilities, fostering collaborative relationships, and emphasising sustainability and innovation. We aim to further improve our culture of planning and design excellence. In doing so we strive to create architecture that resonates with residents’ aesthetic interests and ultimately achieves planning approval.

Why Choose Planning By Design For Your Architectural Design and Planning Permission?

Why Choose Us?

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. We combine sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to deliver architectural solutions of the highest standard. Choose us for tailored, environmentally conscious designs that reflect your unique vision and aspirations, with a focus on natural sunlight and ventilation. With a focus on collaboration and exceeding expectations, we are dedicated to creating extraordinary spaces.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Pushing the boundaries of conventional architecture, we drive excellence through innovative design solutions that satisfy the applicable planning requirements. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction defines our relentless pursuit of architectural innovation.

Our Dedication to Climate Consciousness

Incorporating climate-conscious principles drives our design process, championing sustainable architecture that harmonises with the environment. We prioritise minimising ecological footprints and long-term sustainability, shaping every aspect of our architectural solutions.

How Does This Winning Architecture Firm of The Year Impact Our Clients?

How Does This Win Impact Our Clients?

The recognition of winning Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 has a significant impact on our clients. It assures them of our commitment to delivering design excellence, innovation, and sustainability in their projects, including affordable housing. They can take pride in collaborating with an award-winning firm dedicated to realising their vision and enhancing their experiences. This win reaffirms our dedication to enriching the lives of our clients and communities and showcases our dedication to completion and success in all projects. Congratulations to our team for this incredible achievement!

Will Winning the Award Make Us Complacent?

Winning the award serves as motivation for our architecture firm to continue striving for excellence. It inspires new and innovative design ideas, validating our commitment to quality and creativity. This achievement enhances our reputation and opens up more opportunities for collaboration.

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In conclusion, winning the Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 is a significant milestone for us. It is a testament to our growth, expertise, and dedication to excellence. We are proud of our journey so far, from our second anniversary to securing over 800 projects and achieving steady financial growth. But our success is not just about numbers. We have built a strong team, focused on customer satisfaction, and contributed to the environment by planting 4535 trees. Winning this award validates our commitment to excellence, innovation, and climate consciousness. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support and trust of our clients. We assure you that winning this award will only motivate us to continue delivering exceptional results and never become complacent. We are excited about our pending projects and have big plans for the future. Choose us for your architectural needs, and be assured of our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and climate consciousness. We look forward to continuing our successful journey and making a positive impact through our work.

Grant Singlehurst-Ward

AuthorGrant Singlehurst-WardFOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR

A serial entrepreneur with background in sales and marketing, Grant is the founder and managing director. He founded Planning By Design to provide clients with the highest possible level of service at unbeatable prices.

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