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What is the difference between an Architect and a Town Planner?

Put simply the difference is that architects are only qualified in architectural design whereas town planners are qualified in planning law.

For any planning application an architect is required to prepare accurate scale architect drawings to submit with the planning application. However, while an architect can design anything you like this doesn’t mean that it will meet all the necessary planning and design policies.

In fact, we regularly get clients coming to us after being rejected unnecessarily with a local architect who is not qualified in planning. This means they need a whole new set of drawings and another planning application which is costly and will delay their project by at least another 3 months.

In order to make sure the proposal is appropriate and stands a good chance of being approved a town planner needs to make sure that the design meets all the relevant planning policies. Assuming the design is appropriate they need to write various supporting planning statements to justify why based on xyz planning policies the proposed development is appropriate and should be approved.

To become a chartered architect, it takes 4 to 6 years at university studying architectural design. After securing a degree in architectural design, it then takes at least 2 years working as an architectural designer to become a chartered architect.

To become a chartered town planner takes 4 to 6 years at university studying planning law. After securing a degree in town planning, it then takes at least 2 years working as a town planner to become a chartered town planner.

In theory anyone can submit a planning application but most who try DIY fail due to missing information or mistakes.

For all of these reasons at Planning By Design we have inhouse chartered architects and chartered town planners overseeing every planning application to ensure the best chance of success.

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