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What Is Required For A Normal Planning Application?

It depends which type of application, which planning authority you are submitting to and what planning constraints are present at the site address.

As a minimum every application typically requires the following;

Existing & Proposed Elevations – 2D drawings showing each side of the property externally
Existing & Proposed Floor Plans – 2D drawings showing the layout of rooms
Existing & Proposed Block Plans – Map showing boundaries for the site
Site Location Plan – A larger map showing where the property is located
Planning Statement or Design and Access Statement – 4 to 50 pages justifying why the proposed development meets the required planning policies and should be approved
Relevant Planning Application Form – There are many options with different likelihood of success

However, in addition to the minimum you may also require additional drawings, additional planning statements or specialist reports, which can be very costly if required.

Even if you are only wanting a “simple” change of use with no structural changes the above is still required in almost all cases, so that the council can assess the application and see that nothing is changing.

If you fail to submit the minimum requirements the council will not validate or process your application.

If they do validate it and the design does not meet all of the required planning policies or the planning statement does not clearly justify why based on xyz planning policies the application would be at risk of unnecessary refusal.

To see some examples of recent application visit our Portfolio and click on any of the projects to see all of the required drawings and planning statements for each application.

To get a free instant estimate for your project, you can use our Cost Calculator but please bear in mind this does not mean your project is feasible and if anything above the minimum is required this will be at additional cost.

If you would like to find out what exactly your project would require and whether it is feasible, please Contact Us for a free no obligation consultation.

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