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What are Structural Engineering Calculations?

Structural engineering calculations involve the assessment of a structure’s load-bearing capacity and strength, as well as its size and shape. They also include evaluations of a structure’s ability to resist forces due to wind and earthquakes. Calculations involve calculating the appropriate materials and strength of components to be used in a given structure and analysing the safety of a structure’s design.

Structural engineering calculations or reports may be required when;

  1. Design plans for a new building are being prepared.
  2. Significant structural or structural repairs are undertaken in an existing building.
  3. Additional loads or loads of changing characteristics, such as those due to occupancy or wind, must be considered.
  4. The building or structure is located in a seismic or high wind region.
  5. A building has reached the end of its design life and requires re-evaluation.
  6. Conditions such as corrosion are present that could affect the strength or stability of a structure.

If you are planning to build a new development, once you have planning permission approved you may require building regulations and structural engineering calculations.

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