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How Much Will It Cost To Build?

Without a full set of plans it is impossible for anyone to quote the cost of building a new development, because it will depend on the quantity and quality of materials required.

Have you ever done DIY? For example, you could renovate the same bathroom for £500 or £5000. You could get tiles for 50p a tile or £5 a tile. Do you need 5 or 50 meters of tiles?

Without a full set of architect plans AND if required building regulations drawings and structural engineering calculations, it is impossible to determine what materials are required and therefore it is impossible to give an estimate.

What we can tell you for budgeting purposes, is that the industry uses £1800 to £2500 per square meter. Although you could spend less or you could spend more depending on the final design and specification.  

If you try to get a ballpark figure first the risk is that once you provide the plans they could say “oh we didn’t know you also need this, that will cost extra”. We have seen construction costs double once plans have been drawn up. In some cases, so much so the project becomes unaffordable and is cancelled.

However, if you give your builder your budget together with a full set of architect drawings, they can provide you with a specification that is in line with your budget. There are areas where you will be able to save costs without compromising and areas where you can’t.

For example, instead of getting a full kitchen installed you could just replace the cupboard doors giving the whole kitchen a new look for a fraction of the cost.

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