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How Much Are Building Regulations Drawings And Structural Engineering Calculations?

The cost for building regulations drawings and structural engineering calculations depends on the design, scale, and complexity of the development. In order to quote we will require the full set of architect drawings, to see what is required.

If you have architect drawings and planning permission approved, please Contact Us and we can provide you with a quote.

Smaller-scale developments may not need a full set of building regulations drawings and building regulations calculations. Instead, it may be possible to just have building control come out to inspect and sign off.

This will also depend on the skills and certifications of your appointed builder. We can advise you accordingly once we have your architect drawings.

It is important to bear in mind that planning permission is never guaranteed. We would imagine you wouldn’t want to pay for building regulations if your planning application was refused?

Even if we think something has a 100% chance of being approved, ultimately the planning officer will decide rightly or wrongly. If it is refused and you already bought building regulations drawings, it could end up a costly waste of time and money!

The other thing to bear in mind is that during the planning application process, the council may request changes to the design. Any changes to the design, no matter how small will change what is required for the building regulations drawings and structural engineering calculations.

If your architectural design changes and you already have building regulations drawing and structural engineering calculations, you would need a new set, at additional cost and delay.

To limit your risk and expense it is strongly recommended to approach every project in 3 stages;

Stage 1: Architect Drawings & Planning Permission 
Stage 2: Building Regulations Drawings & Structural Engineering Calculations
Stage 3: Construction

If you would like a quote for building regulations and structural engineering calculations for your project or have any questions please do Contact Us for a free no obligation consultation.

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