Formal Complaints Procedure


At Planning By Design, we are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients. As an RTPI and ARB accredited planning and design consultancy, we value feedback and take complaints seriously. This procedure outlines the steps to ensure all complaints are handled promptly, fairly, and consistently.

How to Make a Complaint

Clients can make a complaint through the following channels:

Website Contact Form:
Email: Send an email to
Phone: Call us at 03300 881249.

Initial Handling of Complaints

First Point of Contact:

  • Upon receiving a complaint, our first point of contact will acknowledge receipt within 3 business days.
  • They will endeavour to resolve the matter promptly and informally, if possible.
  • A record of the complaint and actions taken will be documented.

Escalation to Senior Management:

  • If the initial point of contact is unable to resolve the complaint, it will be escalated to senior management.
  • Senior management will review the details of the complaint, investigate the matter thoroughly, and seek to resolve the issue.

Response Timeframe

  • A formal response to the complaint will be provided within 30 days from the date of escalation.
  • If the investigation requires more time, the client will be informed of the delay and provided with a revised timeline.

Further Recourse

If the client is not satisfied with the resolution provided by senior management, they have the right to escalate the complaint to the relevant professional bodies:

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI): Clients can contact the RTPI to raise concerns about planning-related issues.
Architects Registration Board (ARB): For issues related to architectural services, clients can contact the ARB.

Contact Information for RTPI and ARB

Phone: 020 7929 8194

Website: ARB website
Phone: 020 7580 5861

Review and Improvement

We regularly review our complaints procedure to ensure it remains effective and aligned with best practices. Client feedback is integral to this process, and we welcome suggestions for improvement.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

All complaints are handled with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with data protection regulations. Personal data will only be used for the purpose of addressing the complaint and will be stored securely.


We strive to resolve all complaints in a professional and timely manner. Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction and continually improve our services based on your feedback. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact us.

This formal complaints procedure ensures clarity and transparency, providing a structured approach for clients to voice their concerns and seek resolutions.

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