Example Design Brief for Porch

To help you easily visualize what we require from you for your design brief and what we will then produce with this information, here is an example of Porch. Below is everything we received from the client together with the final architect drawings, which have now had planning permission approved.

Written Design Brief

I would like to make a planning application. Front porch and loft conversion.

Ground Floor Front.

Remove the bow window from the front and replace with a flat window.

Install a porch across the width of my property (boundary to boundary) with a depth of 1m making it in line with Road porch depth. Please see on google earth and attached picture.


Site Photos


Rough sketch of what you envisage


Measurements for the proposed development

Floor to ceiling measurements

Ground Floor – 262 cm

First floor – 260 cm

First floor bathroom – 264 cm 

Floor Plans

Using this information we produce a full set of architect drawings like this:

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