Example Design Brief for a Dropped Kerb

To help you easily visualise what we require from you for your design brief and what we will then produce with this information, here is an example of a simple dropped kerb. Below is everything we received from the client together with the final architect drawings, which have now had planning permission approved.

Written Design Brief

Hi Abigail 

Many thanks please find attached better image with better measurements though still approx as our better measure still only goes to 5 m lol. 

As for the design brief we are quite flexible we would ideally like planning for a driveway with dropped curb at the front of our property this is for safe disabled access as my husband is registered disabled. We would prefer to go for a hard surface with appropriate drainage there will be a slight slope from the road towards the house which will at least mean no water run off will run into the A60. We are happy to take the whole of the front wall out if this is what it will take to get permission and meet visibility requirements of highways but would also be ok to keep the two gate columns and bit of wall in between (shown on left hand side of measurement image 1.2m) if required to mitigate concerns of safety of the telegraph pole and risks of it being clipped. We would like the driveway to also include the area to the side of the house. 

Hope this is OK please let me know if you need anything further.   

Kind regards  

Site Photos

Rough sketch of what you envisage

Measurements for the proposed development

Length at the rear of the house 7.5 meters
Width at the rear of the house 7 meters
Length of the driveway alongside the house 4.64 meters
Width of the driveway alongside the house 3.6 meters

Floor Plans

Not applicable for this particular project, as nothing is changing with the house or the floor plans.

Using this information we produce a full set of arhitect drawings like this:

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