Example Design Brief for a Change of Use

To help you easily visualize what we require from you for your design brief and what we will then produce with this information, here is an example of a Change of Use. Below is everything we received from the client together with the final architect drawings, which have now had planning permission approved.

Written Design Brief

Our proposal is of change of use from a residential 5 bedroomed home to children’s home for up to 3 young people , this will be registered with OFSTED and service user will be those of Mental illness , the service will work the local authorities , commissioning groups and other independent stakeholders to set up bespoke placements for young people tailored to their needs whether the placement is closer to their community or if their needs indicates placement should be away from their community.

The residence is currently a end of terrace on a row of terraces with no through road, across from the row of houses there is a council ran homing association with 3 car parks available to residents ( these care parks are not used to capacity).

At the back of the residence there is a large park and so is not over looked. There is a lane at the back of the row of terraces which has access to all the houses.

The residence is currently owned by______  on a mortgage and is currently lived in by my family , this is lease hold yet no ground rent has been taken for a number of years since being lived in an I have attached the local searches to have a greater understanding . 

 There is no desire or reason to change the floorplan of the building, yet fire doors in the appropriate rooms will be changed and appropriate fire alarm with fire risk assessment to inform this, emergency lighting potentially fitted also.

The residence from the front door has a hallway that leads to two living rooms and the Kitchen , at the back to the kitchen there is a further Dining room , Backdoor is from the kitchen and leads to a small garden with a patio area 9m2 , 12m2 area that is currently astro turfed and raised beds for plants etc. , there is a gate to the side of the house for maintenance and a gate to the back lane.

Under the stair there are stairs to a cellar ( this is not habitable and is storage for minimal things – this would be deemed to be locked off and not part of the proposed usage of the home , yet would be checked only for maintenance of the property as expected and locked off .)
 On the first floor there is a small cloakroom toilet with handbasin and toilet ,window to the side of the house , another communal bathroom with both shower and bath , sink , and basis with window to the side of the house , there are 3 double sized bedrooms and 2 single bedrooms , one bedroom situated between cloakroom and bathroom is proposed office that will be used as sleep are for staff also , and single bedroom at the front of the bedroom that will be used as sleep are for staff on 24 hour shift .

Other double bedrooms will be used for young people and to the appropriate standards of registration, there will be no change to the floor plan , only adjustments would be to the doors of the bedrooms to be fire risk assessment as expected .

Site Photos


Rough sketch of what you envisage

Measurements for the proposed development

Measurement details on the sketches.

Floor Plans

Using this information we produce a full set of architect drawings like this:

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