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Do You Need To Visit The Site To Produce The Architect Drawings?

We can attend a site visit if you really want one but these days 99% of householder developments and smaller scale commercial developments, such as a change of use, do not require a site visit and are instead done via a remote survey.

We understand that for those who are not chartered architects, it might be hard to understand how we can produce accurate architect drawings without a site visit.

For your information, here is an overview of how we are able do this;

The existing property prior to development or changes, does not need planning permission. There will already be planning permission granted and potentially plans available via the planning portal from previous applications. If drawings are available from a previous application this is likely all we require to produce new drawings for your proposed development.

The existing property will already be shown with accurate external measurements on OS mapping tools which our architects use to produce accurate drawings.

For anything that is not yet built, there is nothing to see or measure. We can only draw according to your brief, which is the same whether we pop round for a cup of tea, have zoom or receive it in writing. We always require your brief in writing regardless of whether we discuss the brief in person or over a zoom / phone call, so that we have a written record of what you want.

For most smaller scale developments, people usually have a clear idea of exactly what they want, so can easily provide a written brief detailing this. However, for larger or more complex developments, such as new build houses, sometimes clients require a little guidance or inspiration, which we are happy to help with.

When we conduct a site visit, our architects take photos to work from when they are back at their computer. They can see the same from a photo as they can when on site and they need photos to keep referring to during the process.

If there are floor plans available on the planning portal from a previous application that reflect the current layout this is all we need. If the property has recently been advertised on an estate agent website or auction site, there will usually be floor plans available, which would likely be all we require. Even if there are existing floor plans, they are unlikely to pass the councils validation criteria, so our architects still need to produce accurate floor plans with scale measurements.

Where there are no existing floor plans available, all we require is a rough sketch with approximate dimensions for each room. These do not need to be millimetre precise, so you do not need to be a professional architect.

Only once we have everything required to clearly understand your brief, will our architect start working on your drawings. We aim to have these sent for your review and approval within 7 days. Thanks to our extremely efficient process the first draft is usually exactly what the client envisaged. 

If any changes are required to the drawings, we will of course take care of these and send the revised drawings back for your approval. Only once you are 100% happy the design is exactly what you want will we proceed to the next stage, with your approval.

Whether we conduct a site visit or a remote survey, the result is exactly the same, accurate scale drawings, which every client approves with 100% satisfaction. The only difference is that with a remote survey you save time and money!!

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