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Whether you want to make changes to your home or business, want to build a new home or are a commercial developer, our expert consultancy services can help you achieve your development goals. Our architectural and planning consultants are specialists in planning permission and architectural design, allowing you to remain regulatory compliant and fully informed at all times.

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AboutPlanning by design

Planning By Design provides national architectural and planning consultancy services performed by specialised experts. Whether you are a homeowner, land owner, a business or a developer, our inspired planning and design services can help you advance your project forward.

The success of every project and the satisfaction of every client means as much to us as it does to you. From the outset, we will always give you honest advice during our architecture and planning discussions about the feasibility of your project.

Our architect and planning consultants will work with you to ensure your design has the greatest chance of securing planning approval. Throughout the planning and design process, we will provide you with regular updates, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Whether you need help with a new development, a change of use, an appeal or help with a retrospective planning application, we will help you realise your objectives!

If you would like to discuss the feasibility of a project, need planning and design services or would like help with architectural consultancy, contact us to arrange an appointment.

Proud Partner & Supporter of Treeapp

We are thrilled to announce that Planning By Design has partnered with Treeapp, to support their mission of planting trees to fight climate change and restore vital habitats for hundreds of animal species globally. As a business, our carbon footprint is almost zero, but we recognise the importance of doing more to help save the planet. To celebrate our first 12 months of trading we have planted 422 trees, one tree for every project to date. Moving forwards, we will plant 10 trees for each client that instructs us. This is paid out of our profit, so you don't foot the bill. By doing this, we hope to offset some of the carbon and climate impact of our client's new developments, to contribute to a greener and healthier planet for everyone.

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4-Year Rule Update: Levelling Up Act 2023

Key Highlights The Levelling Up Act 2023 will bring significant changes to the 4-Year Rule in planning permission. The 4-Year Rule currently allows unauthorised residential developments to potentially remain if

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We combine the realities of property development and pair it with in-depth planning knowledge to give you the full picture. Our experienced architects and planning consultants will help you take your design from conception to completion.

One of the reasons our customers love working with us is that we are there every step of the way and have the ability to aid with all aspects of your project. We offer as much or as little help as you need.

We offer a planning appraisal service, where you can find out the feasibility of your project in just one day. This service can take up to 8 weeks if you wish to include a council pre-application enquiry. Assuming your project is feasible, only a qualified architectural planner knows what the design would need to be to meet the planning policies and get planning approval.

Why Choose Planning by Design?

At Planning By Design, we ensure all of our customers are guaranteed architectural and planning consultancy services of the highest quality. Our creative approach and dedication to providing quality solutions are designed to get the most out of your project.

What’s more, we use BIM modelling technology as part of our consultancy process, allowing you to see a clear model of your design before it’s built. Being able to visualise the overall layout of your design allows for subtle changes to be made and for feedback to be provided.

We recognise that every construction project comes with its own constraints, whether in terms of cost, time, or quality. That's why we make sure our architectural and planning consultants understand your priorities right from the start. This enables us to deliver top-notch services and oversee quality, timing, and pricing on your behalf.

Our Project Specialities

Whether your project is at home or in an urban environment, we have extensive expertise in architectural, planning, and design services.

We are equipped with the necessary skills to realise your vision. We specialise in a variety of projects but have proven experience in extensions, driveways, conversions, conservatories, new builds and more.

Planning Consultancy Services FAQs 

Our planning and architectural consultancy services are available across the UK. Including in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
We specialise in many areas of urban and residential architecture. We have a proven record of delivering on home extensions, conversions, and driveway changes among many other projects. We also have plenty of experience in delivering sustainable projects. Every project regardless of size or location receives the same amount of attention, care and expertise as we focus on creating a bespoke, streamlined design project to achieve your goals.
We understand how much your project means to you and the hard work that is required to make it possible. Our architectural planning and design team will listen to and understand your ideas and find out what your main priorities are for the project. 
Our planning consultants have specific processes in place to ensure that we can gain planning permission from the simplest to the most complex projects. We take into account the many risks that come with applying for planning permission to ensure that we are prepared for all circumstances.
Pricing for our complete consultancy services, from beginning to end, will be calculated depending on the overall scope and scale of your project. Contact us today to discuss your project further and find out how we can help you. 

Architects and planning consultants in the UK usually charge between 3-15% of the total costs of construction, but this can vary depending on factors such as the level of involvement and the complexity of the build. Some architects charge a flat rate or hourly rate for their architectural services.
It is possible to design your project without an architect or planning consultant but, depending on the scale of the design, you may require help from a certified professional. You could just have the initial ideas for your build or a small concept of your overall design, but often it makes the process much more streamlined if you have an architectural consultant on board to help.